Kindness, it doesn’t cost you a damn thing, sprinkle it everywhere…

Find out ways in which you can brighten someone’s day, make a change to impact a better future or just give back in the simplest ways…

Random Acts Of Kindness

Bake treats or bring some in to work to surprise the office.

Welcome the new person in the office with an invite to lunch. 

Cook food for a friend or family who is unwell or overwhelmed with things in their life. 

On social media share a genuine compliment to someone today. 

Share a smile with a stranger.

Bring your lefts from the restaurant and offer them to someone homeless. 

Give up your seat to anyone while on transport or in waiting rooms. 

Send a random text message to brighten someone's day. 

Plant a tree... or a lot of them. 

If office gossip is happening about someone, butt in and say something nice. 

Share a compliment with a manager or boss about an employee. 

Help a stranger out if you see the parking meter is expired. 

Finished a book - give it to someone else to read or donate it to the footpath library. 

For every new item you buy, donate one (or two) old one.

Stuck in traffic; let a car in front of you (safely of course) 

Double your tip once in awhile. 

See rubbish on the street? Pick it up and bin it. 

Carry a post it note and pen and leave positive happy notes in random places. 

Forgive and forget.

Wash someone's car. 

Once a week, make two lunches and share the second one. 

Return a shopping trolley for someone else. 

One a month or so arrange a clean up at the park and enjoy a BBQ or fish and chips after. 

Pay a coffee for someone in the line behind you. 

Contact a teacher or coach and let them know they made a difference in your life.  

Finished your magazine or newspaper, offer to someone who might read it. 

Got some old glasses? You can donate these too. 

Snail mail... write a real letter and post it, not just an email. 

Get on gumtree and give things away for free. 

Call your mother or father or grandparents... Well call someone you are close to but don't always get to say hi. 

Got an old phone? Give it to a homeless person - they can connect it cheaply and charge at shelters. 

Read your friends blogs and give them support and a nice comment. 

Hold the door or an elevator open for others 

Got some spare change. Leave it in the laundromat or better yet, offer to wash clothes for a homeless person. 

Write your friend, family or lover a note about why you love them.

ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU... to anyone who is serving you or the facility you are in. 

Have a quote you think a friend will connect with. Print and frame it for them. 

Out at dinner. Arrange for a drink or dessert to be delivered to someone else's table. 

Mow the lawn or take the trash out for the elderly neighbour. 

Give dog food and cat food to animal shelters. 

Have an idea or want to share a kind story - Get in touch HERE